Pre-AP Chemistry
Pre-AP Chemistry

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Welcome to Pre-AP Chemistry! Pre-AP Chemistry is designed for advanced academic students who are on track to take AP chemistry. This course is designed to cover the content needed to transition smoothly into AP Chemistry and is also designed to prepare students for the rigor they will find in an AP Chemistry course. Below is a link for the prerequisites for this class as well as an application. At time of scheduling, this application can be picked up from Mrs. Freeman or printed from the link below. 
Pre-AP Chemistry Application

Below are the links for each unit. Under each link you will find all the resources needed. 

Below is a link with the list of topics that will be covered in this Pre-AP Chemistry course.
Below you will find the units that will be covered in Pre-AP Chemistry.  Within each section you can find resources that will help with each section. Resources will vary by section and resources will be added as they are built.  
 Unit 1: Nature of Chemistry
Power Points:
Problem Sets: 
Lesson Videos:
Lesson 1 Video:  1/7/14
Lesson 2 Video:  
Lesson 3 Video: Recording Error: 1/9/14 
Lesson 4 Video:  Part 1:  Part 2: 1/10/14
1/13/14 Substitute
Lesson 5 Video: 1/14/14
Lesson 6 Video: 1/17/14
Lesson 7 Video: 1/21/14
Lesson 8 Video: 1/22/14
Lesson 9 Video: 1/23/14
Study Guide:
Unit 2: Structure of Matter
Lesson Videos:
Worksheets: Half-life Problems 
Lesson Videos:
Lesson 1: 1/27/14
Lesson 2: 1/28/14
                2/5/14 continuation of quantum numbers
                2/14/14 Periodic Trends
                2/18/14 Nuclear Reactions
                2/20/14  Half-Life 
Unit 3: Chemical Bonding
Unit 4: Chemical Nomenclature
Notes: These notes also have Chemical Reactions on them as well. Those will be used for the next unit.
Lesson Videos:
Naming Compounds with Polyatomic Ions  Sorry about the quality of this video. I recorded it very quickly at the end of class. 
Unit 5: Chemical Equations
Net Ionic Equations: Single Replacement
66 Equations Lab: Handout   
Unit 6: Stoichiometry and Gas Laws
*** For the limiting reactant problems below, I want you to be aware
that I teach the process for these different than I use to. Do it the
way I taught and just make sure your answers are the same.*** 
Practice Handouts:
Stoichiometry Practice #1   **make sure you work the problems before you open the solutions** Stoichiometry Practice #1 Solutions