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Robotics Syllabus 2020-2021

Teacher: Ms. Lexie Tisdale
Room 200

Course Content Access:

Course Description, Goals, & Options: The VEX Robotics Curriculum is divided up into twelve primary units and one optional unit.  In a flexible format, students learn about engineering and engineering problem solving.  They will be given introductions to the VEX Robotics Design System and Autodesk® Inventor® while learning key STEM principles through a process that captures the excitement and engagement of robotics competition.

Course Fee and Materials: $40 class fee to help cover the cost of robotic supplies and materials; also if you have tools such as screw drivers, pliers and allen wrenches, etc. please bring them to class with you.

Covid Procedures:

We will follow the ECBOE and SHS guidelines and procedures. It is important that you also do your part by wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, wash your hands, and if you are experiencing symptoms please do not come to school.

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Introduction to Engineering  

Unit 2: Introduction to Robotics

Unit 3: Introduction to VEXnet

Unit 4: Introduction to Autodesk Inventor  

Unit 5: THE GAME!   

Unit 6: Object Manipulation   

Unit 7: Speed, Power, Torque & DC Motors

Unit 8: Mechanical Power Transmission

Unit 9: Drivetrain Design

Unit 10: Lifting Mechanisms

Unit 11: Systems Integration

Unit 12: Testing and the Iteration Process

Unit 13: Design your Own Part (optional unit)