Classroom Rules

1.  All rules in the Student Handbook apply in this classroom! Read it thoroughly and know what is expected.


2.  Cell phones. Use of your cell phones or other electronic devices is NOT allowed in my classroom. Your phone/device must be completely silenced and put away (out of my sight and yours) as soon as you enter my classroom. In the event that you are instructed specifically to use your phone for class activities, you may not  take pictures or videos (of anything or anyone) without my permission. If you violate this policy your phone will be collected and kept in my room until the end of the school day. There will be no warnings. Your phone will be sent to the office if collected for a third time and will be handled by school administration.

3.  Bring all materials to class every day – this includes your textbook, notebook, paper, pencil, calculator, and completed assignments.


4.  Only bottled waters or drinks purchased from the school vending machines are allowed in class. This will only be allowed as long as students dispose of trash properly and keep the classroom clean. Do not bring outside purchases, such as breakfast items or coffee, in my classroom.     

5.  Do not ask to leave the classroom unless absolutely necessary. Take care of water and restroom visits between classes. Students should also plan stops at lockers at times which do not cause them to be tardy.

6.  Purses, handbags, and jackets should be left in lockers when possible. Otherwise these items should be placed under your desk. If you have a backpack that is too large to fit UNDER your desk, it needs to be left in the hallway or in your locker.

7.  Your full attention is expected on a daily basis and will be necessary in order to keep pace with the class. Sleeping or putting your head down will not be permitted.

8.  Students are expected to be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings. If you enter the classroom after the bell rings, you will be considered tardy unless you have a pass from another teacher or an administrator. Three unexcused tardies will result in one unexcused absence from class. It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with the number of times you have been tardy or absent from class.

9.  Work can only be made up for an excused absence. This will be strictly enforced in my class. Any make-up work must be completed and turned in no later than 3 class days after the student’s return to school. Each homework grade will be recorded on the date it is due. If you have an unexcused absence on the day an assignment is due, you will receive a zero for the assignment. It is YOUR responsibility to find out if any work was missed and to make sure that it is turned in on time.

When you are absent or when you check in/out, you MUST bring an excuse from a doctor or parent with a valid reason for your absence or checkin/checkout. Otherwise your absence will be considered unexcused. "Personal" is not an excused reason for checkout.


10.  Always come to class with a positive attitude and ready to learn something new. Please don’t wait until you start falling behind before asking for help.  If you don’t understand something, ask questions….that’s what I’m here for!