Course Requirements

Geometry & Algebraic Connections --- COURSE REQUIREMENTS           D. Noah



  1. Be attentive in class.  Listen carefully to and follow instructions for all assignments.
  2. Students must have their proper math notebooks, textbooks, paper, pen/pencil with them in class every day.  (Calculators are recommended, but not required...)
  3. All work must be neatly completed.  (Answers that are too messy to read are counted WRONG.)  Students should check and proofread their work before turning it in to the teacher.
  4. There should be no talking without permission.  Students should work quietly on all written assignments.  Disturbing class will not be tolerated.
  5. Make-up work is the responsibility of the STUDENT.  Arrangements for make-up work must be made on the student’s first day back after an excused absence.  (All work must be  made up within 3 days.   Otherwise, no credit will be given for the work.)
  6. Proper classroom behavior is expected at all times.  Show respect to all teachers and students.
  7. All rules in student handbook apply.  (Attendance policy, dress code, cell phone, etc.)  KEEP CELL PHONES PUT AWAY!
  8. Each student is allowed to leave the classroom only TWO times per nine weeks grading period (restroom, locker, etc.). 
  9. No food, drinks, candy, or gum allowed in class.
  10. Use class time wisely.  




                Notebook (folder-type with clips & pockets preferred)

                Textbook (issued second day of class)

                Paper (regular lined paper and graph paper)

                Pencil/pen (pencil preferred)  (no red ink)

                Calculator not required, but if you plan to use one, bring your own.  You should NOT bother other students by asking to borrow theirs.   Graphing calculators are not needed at this level.  (Scientific calculator is recommended.)  There are some calculators in the classroom that students may borrow, but many of them are not scientific calculators and may not be suitable for some of the problems that we will do…




Grades will be composed of the following:

                Tests **                                                                                           (100 points each)

                Notebook (graded 2 times each 9 weeks)                                      (100 points)

                Homework (assigned daily, spot-checked randomly)               (10-30 points each)

Classwork (daily)                                                                       (10-50 points each)

(special assignments, etc.…)                                                    (20-100 points each)

                (Occasional pop-quiz possible…)                                                   (5-50 points)
            Final Exam                                            (10 % of final grade in the class)



**  Lowest 100-point test grade may be dropped at the end of each 9 weeks, based on student’s attentiveness, cooperation, class participation, preparedness, conduct, etc.  This is a privilege which must be earned, rather than an unconditional bonus.




PARENTS:  Report cards are issued after each 9 week grading period.  Progress Reports are issued after the 4th week of each 9 week grading period.