Geometry with Data Analysis Syllabus

Geometry with Data Analysis Syllabus 2020-2021

Teacher: Coach Bell   Email:     

Course Overview: Students will build on and deepen prior understanding of transformations, congruence, similarity, and coordinate geometry concepts. Students will perform algebraic calculations with specific application to geometry that build on foundations of algebra. Students will also build from earlier experiences in analyzing data and creating linear models to focus on univariate quantitative data on the real number line and bivariate quantitative data on a coordinate plane.


  • 3 Ring Binder

  • Loose leaf paper (preferably College-ruled paper)

  • Pencils

  • Colored Pencils

  • Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator- Sharing calculators is not allowed. Sharing a calculator during a quiz or test will be considered cheating and handled as such. Cell phone calculators may NOT be used in class.

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop or tablet, in accordance with the BYOD Policy, but it is not required.

Grading Policy:

This class will be graded using total points. Each assignment, quiz, and test will be given a point value. A student’s grade will be determined by dividing Points Earned by Total Points possible. As per the SHS Handbook, “All final exams count 10 percent of the student’s overall course grade.”

Homework……….. 10 points

Classwork…………10 points

Quizzes……………50 points

Tests……………….100 points

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

  1. Be Respectful- To the teacher, other students and yourself.

Do NOT have your cell phone or any other device out, unless instructed by the teacher.

  1. Be Responsible- Be on time for class. Have all your materials when you come to class. Turn in all assignments on their due date. If you are absent, you are responsible for getting any missed notes or assignments.

  2. Be Honest- Do not lie, cheat or plagiarize. Consequences will be administered according to the ECBOE and SHS Code of Conduct.

  3. Be Positive- You are awesome! You can do math! Having a positive “I can do this” attitude will only help you succeed.

  4. Do Your Best- Complete all work. Be motivated to learn. Set goals to succeed. There is greatness inside everyone!

**All rules and expectations in the ECBOE and SHS Handbook and Code of Conduct apply!**

Covid Procedures:

We will follow the ECBOE and SHS guidelines and procedures. It is important that you also do your part by wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, wash your hands, and if you are experiencing symptoms please do not come to school.

Schools PLP:

SchoolsPLP is an online resource that we will use to complete and turn in assignments. It is an online learning platform similar to Google Classroom like we have used in the past. Each student can utilize this like an online textbook with assignments built in. It is designed to work on any device that connects to the internet. However, a tablet or laptop may make it more user friendly.  Each student will receive their login information from their homeroom teacher.  

Course Overview:

1st Nine Weeks

Unit 1 Points, Lines, Planes

Unit 2 Proofs

Unit 3 Parallel & Perpendicular

Unit 4 Transformations

2nd Nine Weeks

Unit 5 Similarity

Unit 6 Congruent Triangles

Unit 7 Pythagorean Theorem Applications 

Unit 8  Right Triangle Trigonometry

3rd Nine Weeks

Unit 9 Quadrilaterals

Unit 10 Univariate Statistics

Unit 11Bivariate Statistics

4th Nine Weeks

Unit 12 Circles

Unit 13 Area on the Coordinate Plane with Applications

Unit 14 Applications of Surface Area and Volume