9th Grade World History II Syllabus

World History 1500 - Present

Coach Knight


Course Description:

This course will cover the history of the world from the year 1500 - present. We will start with the Renaissance and Reformation and end with modern history and terrorism. 


My expectations are very simple. Work hard and act the way you should. Follow the procedures laid out below and do your best and you will be fine.

Course Goals:

  1. Improve knowledge of history

  2. Improve understanding of historical concepts

  3. Improve reading and writing skills

  4. Improve on character education

Classroom Rules:

  1. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat

  2. Keep your food outside the classroom

  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself

  4. Do not go behind my desk

  5. Keep cellphones and earbuds put up

  6. Show up to class on time

You are REQUIRED to have a notebook for this class. It will need to have 4 sections.

  1. Bell Ringers

  2. Vocab and IDs

  3. Notes

  4. Written Assignments

Notebooks will be checked periodically. All vocabulary words must be in your notebook at the time they are checked. You must take notes during whole group instruction. I will always tell you when you are responsible for notes that will be graded. All reading assignments will have some type of answers required whether it be questions or a short essay. These are required to be in your notebook. Finally, I will let you know when written assignments have to be put in your notebook. You will only be responsible for assignments in the current semester.


We will go on a traditional 10 point grading system. 

<90 = A    89-80 = B   79-70 = C 69-60 = D    >60 = F

All assignments will carry different point values. 

Tests/projects = 100

Notebooks = 50

Classwork/Homework = 10-20


Vocabulary and IDs - Done with every standard. 

To answer a vocabulary word for me you need to:

  1. Define the term using the textbook

  2. Give a synonym for the word. (a word that means the same thing)

  3. Give an antonym for the word. (a word that means the opposite)

  4. Write a sentence that shows an understanding of what the word means.

  5. Give me another example of understanding. i.e. picture, quote, song lyrics.

To answer an ID you need to :

  1. Explain who/what the ID is.

  2. Explain where the ID was. (give me a location)

  3. Explain when the ID was (give me a date)

  4. Explain why the ID is important to this class.

  5. IDs should always be written in complete sentences (about 3 sentences)

Notebooks - Make sure to follow the instructions above and I will tell you what needs to be in it.


Writing - You will have paragraphs due for different subjects throughout the year.

Classwork/homework - I will try to assign as little homework as possible, most of it will be remediation work. These can vary from worksheets to any of the above assignments. Make sure to keep up with the class and stay on task to avoid homework.



Essays - These will be graded on grammar and content. Take these seriously.

Late Work:

I will not take late homework or classwork. You need to turn in your assignments on the given due date. All other assignments I will take late but they will take a 10% off score.


I will follow the school code of conduct on handling discipline. 

Act the way you are supposed to and we will have no problems.