My Favorite Artist Presentation

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Music Appreciation

My Favorite Musical Artist Presentation Check-List

Write the Name(s) of your musical artist(s):


1. Photos of the Artist(s) /Band

           You will need to obtain at least 3 photos of each musical artist for your project.

           If you choose a band you will need 3 photos of the entire group.

           These photos should not include and sexual or drug paraphernalia.

2. Musical Artist Facts

You will need to obtain the following facts about your musical artist(s):

1.Stage Name

2.Birth Name

3.Date of birth- Date of Death

4.How old is your artist now - if deceased, how old was he/she when they died?

5.Place of Birth (City, state & Country)

6.What instrument does your musician play?

7.What awards has your artist received?

8.Tell something about your artist’s family: married, divorced, children, siblings, or pets?

9.What other jobs does your artist have & does your artist have a charity?

10.         List 3 popular songs, operas, compositions, or symphonies by your artists.

3. Facebook Template  

           You will need a facebook template for each of your artist(s).

           Please make sure you adequately prepare for the submission of this part of your project. It is NOT in your best interest to wait until the last minute to complete this assignment.


4. Music Example: Due: ___________________

           You will need to have a musical example by each of you artist(s).

           The musical example must not contain any profanity at all. NONE!!

           You will need to either bring a burned CD or use an iPod/MP3 Player.


5. Final Presentation!!!

           Be prepared to present your poster and musical examples to your peers without reading the poster!

           You may need to practice your facts!

           Do your very best!! Work to the fullest of your potential!!

           Do not procrastinate! Turn in your work on time so that you will have a greater sense of security when presenting!

           GOOD LUCK!!