Music Appreciation

Welcome to Music Appreciation!

I am very much looking forward to being your teacher this semester! This class is an elective course aimed at increasing student’s awareness of various types of music in western culture.  Over the next year we’ll cover everything from Bach to Rock & even country and rap too.  It is my hope that you will both enjoy and learn from this course!


STUDENTS & PARENTS: Please note – Music Appreciation is an elective class.  This DOES NOT mean; however, that it is a “do nothing” class or an “easy A”.  It is the goal of Southside High School to prepare our students for college or the work place after graduation in every class.  Therefore, I hold all of my students to a very high expectation.  While this class is designed to be fun and less academically rigorous than a normal “core class”, students will be kept busy every day with assignments, project & reports. 

Ms. Palmer's section of Music Appreciation will take place in the auditorium this year!

Ms. Palmer

Music Appreciation

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