Beginning Guitar

Welcome to Beginning Guitar!

Beginning Guitar will take place in the band room this year!

This handbook should serve to guide you throughout your year with Beginning Guitar. This handbook is here to help each parent and student understand how our program is run and what we value. Each student and parent is expected to read all that follows and will be held accountable for each policy and procedure explained. Communication is necessary for success, thus reading this handbook will be key for all. 


I am pleased for you to become a part of the Southside High School family! My name is Mrs. Hammock, and I cannot wait to begin making music with you. I was lucky to grow up in a musical family. My great uncle was a composer who wrote music for many movies that you have probably never heard of! My mother played piano and sang while my father played the violin. All five of my siblings played an instrument while they were in school. I am very excited to teach you the skills that I have learned on guitar and work with you as you figure out your style! 


Thank you in advance for all you do and plan to do this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. I am looking forward to meeting you all and growing in musicianship!


Mrs. Hammock

Beginning Guitar

Southside High School