Check back frequently, our needs and wants may change:

If you just happen to have these things lying about...

Washcloths and towels (we don't like to use paper towels, I would rather wash and conserve)
Windex or Lysol or 409 type sprays for cleanup
Sheets (it is okay if they are torn)
Artsy-crafty supplies like buttons, beads, embroider floss and fabric
An electric skillet or electric flat griddle
Muffin tins
Coffee mugs for water cups; used is fine, ugly is fine
Broken plates, cups, etc...mosaic in our future? Tile would be helpful, also. 

On a larger scale
A ceramics kiln 
Ceramics wheels and tools
Light table/tracing tables
Dremel tool and tips

Contact us at my email cheryl_french@ecboe.org or contact us through the school number. 
Thank you for all your help and support!