Syllabus Visual Arts 2
Syllabus: Visual Arts II
Instructor:  C. French


Course Description: Visual Arts II is an advanced level visual arts class that will fulfill an Elective credit for any student interested in the Arts.  Visual Arts II is a studio course and students will be expected to produce works of art using a variety of media as well as develop a portfolio of works in the expectation of college entrance, as well as possible scholarship opportunities.  Level II is for the more advanced artist, who has completed Level I or shows comparable skills if new to SHS.  Many different projects will be part of our curriculum and independent work is encouraged and expected.  There will also be many opportunities to participate in competitions and exhibits (some optional, some required). 

Course Objectives:  To explore Art and Art production in a more advanced manner, including the development of the student's skills and personal style.

Textbooks:  A variety of textbooks will be used in the classroom, according to topic being covered.  All textbooks will remain in the art classroom.

Fees: There is a $40 fee for Visual Arts for bulk purchases needed for the course.

Supplies:  Your supplies must be brought to class every day.  All supplies that are property of the Southside High School Art Department must be used in the correct manner and with respect.  Any intentional misuse of supplies will be dealt with as a discipline issue.  

Class Rules
1: Respect yourself and others
2: Stay focused on your work
3: Be on time and prepared to work
4: Mature behavior is expected
5: Use, clean and store supplies appropriately

The Southside High School and Etowah County Board of Education Codes of Conduct will be followed.  These rules apply at all times, even in the event of a substitute or off-campus events that might be attended. 

Phone UsePhones will be used ONLY when I choose and ONLY for class-related work.  At ALL other times phones will be put away upon entering the classroom.   When technology is required, Chromebooks will be brought in for student use.