English 10 Syllabus

English Language Arts 10                                                   
Southside High School, Rm.224
Mrs. Ashley Stapleton

Course Description

As tenth grade English students, you are beginning a challenging, new phase in your English education. Throughout this course, you will learn to master the English language through grammar exercises, writing, reading, and speaking. As your teacher, I will give you the tools you will need to succeed not only in this class but also beyond the classroom. I expect students join with me in making the most of the time we have together, ultimately achieving a level of success in this course. English 10 complies with the required contents of the Common Core Standards for Alabama and the College and Career Ready Standards set forth by the state. The primary curriculum of this course covers American literature. Its objectives include applying strategies and expressing meanings effectively in a variety of written and spoken modes. English 10 is designed to enhance students’ appreciation for an understanding of early American literature and to strengthen writing and grammar skills.


Pearson Prentice Hall Literature Course 1: The American Experience, Beginnings to 1900, Alabama Common Core Edition


3-ring binder 

Loose-leaf paper

Pens with blue or black ink only or pencils

Areas of Study

Grammar –Comprehensive instruction include the parts of speech, parts of the sentence, subject/verb agreement, pronoun case, punctuation, usage, etc.

Writing – Essays and other compositions will include various modes of writing, constructing paragraphs, etc. Students will be assigned at least 4 essays throughout the year. One essay is required per grading period. Each of these essays will include a research component in MLA style.

In-Class TextsAmerican Literature: Beginnings to 1900, Julius Caesar,The Scarlett Letter, excerpts from The Red Badge of Courage, and The Crucible, along with various nonfiction and fiction selections, short stories, informational texts, novels, etc.

*You will not need to purchase any of these novels. I have a classroom set of each.

Projects/Group Assignments
Students will have several opportunities to work in groups for project-based and classwork assignments. Also, each student will be responsible for a research project on Shakespeare, as well as a project on Transcendentalism. 


Grades are determined based on a points earned system and are not weighted during the normal grading period.  However, semester exams do count as 10% of the student’s grade.  The student’s first and second nine week averages will each count 45% of the overall final grade, making the 100% average for the course. Students will be assessed using a variety of measures including quizzes (announced and unannounced), in-class assignments, tests, writing assignments, presentations, and special projects. Major tests will be announced well in advance. Quizzes can occur any day. Extra credit opportunities may be offered at various times throughout the year. Deadlines and due dates must be met in order to receive full credit, and in some cases no late work will be accepted.

Classroom Rules       

1. Be seated, prepared, and ready when the tardy bell rings.

2. Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat.

3. In no way should you disturb the learning process in this classroom.

4. Respect everyone at all times.

5. No food is allowed. Only water is permissible.

Makeup Work

Students can make up tests/assignments ONLY when they make prior arrangements to stay after school, arrive before school, or make these up during Panther Period. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher or the class website for any work missed because of an excused absence. Per the Etowah County Board, students have three (3) days for each day of an excused absence to complete and return make-up work.  It is the responsibility of the student to request and return make-up work. Work missed because of an unexcused absence will NOT be allowed to be made up, and the student will receive a zero (0) for the missed work. It is your responsibility to get missed notes and assignments. This should be done before/after school or during my planning period only.

Bring Your Own Device

Students will occasionally be allowed to use their electronic devices for academic use in the classroom. This policy will be at the teacher’s discretion only! Students MUST have turned in the BYOD Policy to their homeroom teacher and/or have the policy on file with the school.  Students will be notified ahead of time when they will be using them in in class. If students are caught with a phone in my class, they will receive an initial warning. After that, I will take up the phone for the day. The next offense will result in the phone being taken to the office. 

Class Website

You may access this website for announcements, materials, and other various resources. It will be updated throughout the year.