English 11 (American Literature 1900-present)
Supply List:
Blue or Black ink pens
Loose leaf paper
I have class sets of each novel we will read.

2018-2019 Syllabus

English 11 is designed to enhance students’ appreciation for and understanding of American literature of the 20th and 21st centuries and to strengthen their writing and grammar skills. The class consists of five major components: Reading of Literature, Reading of Informational Texts, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language.

Rules/expectations/cell phone policy:

Be respectful to your self, peers, and teacher.
Cellphones are to be used as educational tools only and should not be visible during instructional time.
No earbuds.
Be on time for class.  Students with four tardies will be referred to Mr. Edwards.

1st offense will result in a student conference.
2nd offense will result in a parent conference.
3rd offense will result in an office referral. 

Course of Study 

1st quarter: A study of voice, rhetoric, style and theme related to summer reading. Review grammar and punctuation. Reading includes numerous essays, short stories, and poetry as well as summer reading. Major writing assignments using the writing process: popular culture ideology analysis, personal narrative related to Faulkner. At least two in-class essays.

2nd quarter:
Introduction to the Lost Generation: The Collected Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway and The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. Argumentative Writing Unit: study of the rhetorical triangle, fallacies, and rhetorical strategies and schemes.  Major writing assignments using the writing process: a literary analysis of one or more of the works studied during the nine weeks, argumentative essay, Hemingway style narrative. 

3rd quarter:
Of Mice and Men, Modern Poetry, Harlem Renaissance Poetry & Their Eyes Were Watching God, Major writing assignments using the writing process: poetry explication and research paper.

4th quarter: Modern and Postmodern literature including Catcher in the Rye and The Crucible.  At least one major writing assignment using the writing process: Response to a text.  Studying the Beat movement in American Literature and writing a poem in the Beat Style about a social issue.  

W11-12.1, W11-2.6, W11-12.7, W11-12.8, W11-12.9, L11-12.1, L11-12.2, L11-12.3, L11-12.5, 11-12.RL.1, 11-12.RL.2, 11-12.RL.3, 11-12.RL.4, 11-12.RL.5, 11-12.RL.6, 11-12.RL.7, SL11-12.1, SL11-12.2, SL11-12.4