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Hi!  My name is Brandie Mobbs and I teach 9th grade English Language Arts at Southside High School.  I'm a Georgia native, Metro Atlanta to be exact, who moved to Jacksonville, Alabama to attend Jacksonville State University. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Education, with a concentration in English Language Arts.  I am an avid reader, writer, and lover of music.  I enjoy spending time with my family, photography, and traveling.  My husband, Jamie and our two daughters, Blakeley (13) and Zay (9) are my greatest treasures.  My greatest desire in life is to reach my full potential and to teach my children and students that they are capable of doing the same.  

I believe that every child who walks into my classroom has the potential to become a world changer, no matter their circumstance.  I believe in the power of literature and its ability to transport its reader to fantastical worlds filled with characters who become our friends.   I believe in the lessons to be learned through stories, poems, and books.  I believe in the value of instilling courage, integrity, confidence, and curiosity in my students.  I believe in the purpose of education.

                From the moment my oldest daughter entered the public school system, I knew my purpose in life was to teach.  Never had it been more apparent to me that teachers, quite literally, hold the future in the palms of their hands.  It is my job, as an educator, to handle your child's education with the greatest care possible.  I promise to always do so.  My desire as a teacher is to grow a love and appreciation for learning that will continue throughout your child's life.  I want my students to understand that they are all capable of greatness in their own unique and individual ways.  I want them to believe that I care about their success, and I want them to understand that hard work, determination, and the refusal to fail are some of the most powerful tools they will ever possess.  

Mrs. Mobbs

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