English 11


English 11 Course Syllabus

Rachael Couch, Room 228

Email: rachael_couch@ecboe.org     Phone: (256) 442-2172

Plan Time: 4th Period

Textbook: Pearson Prentice Hall, Course 2: The American Experience, 1900 to Present, Alabama Common Core Edition.

Course Description:English 11 is an integrated study of the beginnings of American literature, as well as grammar, usage, and composition.The American Experience, Course 2 is broken down into three time periods:

1) Literature of the Modern Age, 1914-1945

2) Literature of the Post-War Era, 1945-1970

3) Literature of the Contemporary Period, 1970 to Present

(For a comprehensive list of detailed selections from each time period, please see the course outline on my website.)

The literature studied will encompass the short story, drama, and novel and focus on literary elements and analyses. Comprehensive grammar instruction will provide an opportunity for students to polish their skills in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and usage. Composition will address construction of standard paragraphs, and progress to multi-paragraph essays, in various modes of writing. Vocabulary study will also be incorporated throughout the course, with an emphasis on words encountered in literature selections.

Course Objectives:Course objectives for English 11 correspond to the Common Core CCRS (College and Career Read Standards) which are aligned with the 2010 Alabama State Course of Study. For a list of the CCRS objectives, visit the ECBOE website: http://www.ecboe.org/departments/curriculum_and_instruction/courses_of_study/english_language_arts_course_of_study__c_c_r_s and the Alabama State Department of Education website: http://www.alsde.edu/.

Students in 11th Grade English will be expected to:

· Read and comprehend the text and supplemental readings

· Communicate in writing and orally use standard grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph development

· Understand and respond accurately to high order test questions

· Actively participate in class discussions

· Take accurate and useful class notes

· Work effectively in groups or teams

Class Preparation: All students are expected to spend adequate time in study and preparation for any assignment, test, quiz, or other project.

Attendance Policy: Regular school attendance is important for all students. Please note that course content and grading procedures are structured in such a way that regular attendance is necessary to successfully complete course requirements.

Grading Policy and Assessment: Grades will be on a points earned basis and are not weighted during the normal grading period. However, semester exams do count as 10% of the student’s grade. The student’s first and second nine week averages will each count 45% of the overall final grade, making the 100% average for the course.

The students will be assessed using a variety of measures including quizzes (announced and unannounced), in-class assignments, tests, writing assignments, presentations, and special projects.

PLEASE NOTE:  There will NO LONGER be a research paper that counts a large portion of students’ final grade.  Instead, we will be incorporating more composition in smaller quantities throughout the course.  This composition will include a research component in MLA style and format.  Southside High School’s English department will follow a writing continuum that will teach students the research process throughout the course rather than one large project that has the potential to result in a failing grade.

Semester Exam Exemption Policy: Exemption policy will follow guidelines set forth in both the Southside High School and Etowah County Schools Student Handbooks.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be on time for class and always have necessary materials.
  2. Respect others and their property.
  3. No food or drink is allowed.
  4. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat or speak during instruction.
  5. Be attentive at all times. Do not involve yourself in activities (sleeping, talking, passing notes/letter writing, etc.) that will hinder you from paying attention to the content taught.
  6. All rules and regulations in the Etowah County Code of Student Conduct and the SHS Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced.


BYOD Policy: Students will occasionally be allowed to use their electronic devices for academic use in the classroom. THIS WILL BE AT THE TEACHER’S DISCRETION! Students MUST have turned in the BYOD Policy to their homeroom teacher and/or have the policy on file with the school. Students will be notified ahead of time when they will be using them in in class.

Late Work:

Please keep up with assignment due dates. No late work will be accepted without a valid excuse. Should your absence be excused, it is your responsibility to get missed notes and assignments.This should be done before/after school or during my planning period…not during your assigned class period. Unexcused absences will result in a zero for each missed assignment.

Make-Up Work:

Students can make up tests/assignments ONLY when they make arrangements to stay after school to do so or arrive before school to do so. The absence must be excused for the grade to count on STI iNow Gradebook.

For a PDF form of this syllabus, click here: English 11 Course Syllabus 2016.pdf