ACT Prep


Syllabus for ACT Preparation 2018-2019

Mrs. Couch
English, Reading, Writing
Mrs. Hanson
Math, Science, College Prep

For this class, you will need:



Black or Blue ink pen

3-ring binder

(1-inch with dividers)

A Good Attitude

ACT Preparation is a course designed to offer students opportunities to increase their current ACT scores in order to increase their post-secondary opportunities.

The ACT is a college entrance exam created by ACT Inc., in Iowa City, Iowa. The test is meant to indicate how you’ll do with college level work by testing your ability on skills that are deemed necessary for college. The ACT tests skills in four areas of your high school curriculum: English, Math, Reading, and Science. There is also an optional Writing Test, in which you compose a persuasive essay on a theoretical school situation. These areas form the foundation of a typical student’s curriculum in both high school and college.

The ACT is not an intelligence test, and it’s not an indicator of how successful you will be in life.

This course strengthens your skills in every content area, but will allow you to focus on the areas you need to work on to boost your score.

Along with ACT preparation, this class will also cover financial literacy and college planning. During these units we will discuss financial responsibility to preparation for college admissions.

Course Objectives:

  • Discover the content of the ACT Test.
  • Demonstrate test taking strategies.
  • Increase current ACT scores.
  • Demonstrate appropriate work ethics and work habits in the classroom and in job exploration settings.
  • Identify expectations of employers for employees and college admissions procedures.

ACT Prep Classroom Expectations

In order to have a smooth, well-functioning classroom environment, that makes effective use of time there are several rules that are necessary for students. The rules are:

- Come to class prepared to learn and on time. (Pencils sharpened, folder in hand, and homework finished)

- Students need to take responsibility for their workspace. Clean up after yourselves daily.

- Respect one another, as well as all ideas discussed in class, do not criticize anyone’s thoughts or ideas.

- If you cheat or attempt to cheat on any assignment you will be given a zero (0).

Daily Points System

Every student will start out each day with five daily points. These points include (1) being to class on time and in your seat and working on the bell ringer before the bell rings, (2) having materials necessary for class, (3) homework is completed, (4) conduct and behavior is acceptable, (5) student participates in class discussion and assists peers in assignments. Every time a student does not fulfill one of the daily tasks a point will be deducted for that task. At the end of the week the points will be totaled and a twenty (20) point classroom participation grade will be given.

Note: Refer to your classroom rules and guidelines for the complete set of rules.

How does ACT Preparation connect to my future?

Students will learn how to market themselves to employers in order to beat out their competition in the workforce. Students will also learn how to be the best employee possibly by demonstrating a variety of employability skills.

ACT Preparation is a very important class for students that are college-bound.

Students will gain valuable knowledge that will help them become successful college students in the future. Students will research several careers that fall within their career interests in order to plan for your future.

If you are thinking that you have no idea what you want to do after high school, IT IS OKAY!

ACT Preparation is an entry-level course that familiarizes students with the ACT Exam as well as different careers and post-secondary choices. We will gain insight on your career interests throughout the semester. Please do not get discouraged as we discover new possibilities this semester!

Tip 1 - This course will have little homework assigned. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are at school every day to work on the assignments without getting behind in class.

If you consistently miss class, you will find yourself getting behind in class fast! The more you get behind the more time before or after school you are going to have to spend making up work!

Tip 2 – Keep all of your handouts that I give you in your folder. Once you graduate high school you might need them as you prepare for college and career choices, so please keep everything for future reference!

Tip 3 – DO YOUR BELLRINGERS! Bell ringers account for 40 points every week, meaning most points from the semester will come from bell ringers alone. Completing bell ringers may cost you a letter grade!

Tip 4 - Keep track of all of your work. I encourage you to keep all of work for grading purposes. I make mistakes too, so please keep everything in case a grading mishap might occur.

Tip 5 –Keep an open mind throughout this course. We will be discussing a variety of topics from the ACT exam, to career options, to what not to say during an interview, to the dangers of credit cards. So please keep an open mind throughout this semester and be respectful to not only me but to your classmates.

ACT PREP        Course Outline      2018-2019

Mrs. Couch Semester

Mrs. Hanson Semester

Unit 1: Introduction to the ACT

Unit 1: Introduction to the ACT

  • Review syllabus
  • Evaluate EXPLORE and PLAN scores, if available
  • College readiness benchmarks


  • Review syllabus
  • Evaluate EXPLORE and PLAN scores, if available
  • College readiness benchmarks

Unit 2: English

Unit 2: Math

  • 45 minutes/75 questions
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Sentence structure
  • Organization/clarity


  • 60 minutes/60 questions
  • 4-step method for problem solving
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Coordinate geometry and trigonometry

Unit 3: Reading

Unit 3: Science Reasoning

  • 35 minutes/40 questions
  • Prose
  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Natural science
  • 35 minutes/40 questions
  • Data representation passages
  • Conflicting viewpoints
  • Key vocabularies

Unit 4: Writing

Unit 4: College & Career

  • 1 essay/30 minutes
  • Optional, but most colleges require it for admission
  • Graded holistically
  • Finding the perfect fit for you!

Unit 5: Test Anxiety

Unit 5: Test Anxiety

  • Anxiety reduction strategies
  • Anxiety reduction strategies

Unit 6: Timed Practice Tests

Unit 6: Timed Practice Tests

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Practice, practice, practice