Foods and Fashion Study Guide

Creative Foods and Fashion Study Guide



What is the standard seam size?


Name the parts of a pattern


Be able to identify grain line, fold line, darts, button holes, hemline, dots, squares, triangles, and seam lines.


What is the difference between: topstitching, backstitching, edge stitching, and slipstitching?


What is interfacing used for?


Define each item, and identify what it is used for: presser foot, needle, hand wheel.


What are the 8 factors that influence consumers in individual and family clothing choices?


Identify the following sources for shopping: Shopping Mall, Specialty shop, Outlet, Television, Custom Made, Online, and Mail Order.


What is a care label, and where is it found?


What is the correct order for separating and washing laundry?


Define each of the following: Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary fiber.


What are the caloric recommendations for: Children, Teens and active women?


Define Appliance


Define each of the following: toxins, parasites, bacteria, and virus


What is cross contamination and how is it prevented?


What is the correct order for washing dishes?


What is the safe temperature zone?


What is the appropriate way to thaw food?