Food and Fashion Syllabus

Food and Fashion Syllabus Course number(s) 400801- 441101

Teacher: Katie Carter


Course Description: This course is a combination of two half credit courses. Fashion and Food and Nutrition will introduce the student to the selection and care and construction of clothing. The foods section of the course will focus on the impact of daily nutrition and wellness practices on long-term health and wellness.


Class Fee: There is a $30.00 fee for this class. Fee money is due by the end of the second week of the semester.


Prerequisite(s): Family and Consumer Sciences


Program: Family Studies and Community Service


Program Goal(s): Prepare students for family life, work and careers in Family and Consumer Sciences by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for success.


Course Goal(s): To prepare students to select, care and construct clothing. To prepare students to make wise food and wellness choices that will impact their overall health.


Course Outline:


  • Unit one- Foods
  • Unit Two- Nutrition
  • Unit Three- Meal Management and services
  • Unit Four- Cuisine
  • Unit Five- Special Occasions
  • Unit Six- Technology and Careers


  • Unit one- Clothing Decisions and Acquisition
  • Unit two- Apparel History
  • Unit Three- Apparel Design
  • Unit Four- Clothing Care and Construction
  • Unit Five- Technology and Careers


Culminating Projects:-

· Basic Cake decorating project

· Fashion Notebook

· Construction project


Grading Scale: Grades are calculated using a 100% scale


FCCLA: Students will be given the opportunity to join FCCLA. There will be an additional $15.00 State/ National affiliation club fee.