Fashion Notebook

Fashion Notebook/ Project


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Creative Foods and Fashion – Research Based Fashion Notebook

Points Possible- 300

Alabama Course of Study Objectives 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,14,15


Projects must be compiled in a three-hole type notebook.

You may use several different types of media to obtain examples for each topic: magazines, Internet, sales papers, newspapers, personal photos etc…

Projects must be neat and complete. Incomplete notebooks will not be accepted.


Section I- Clothing Decisions and Wardrobe Planning


1. List and describe the eight factors that influence consumers in individual and family clothing choices. Give examples of each including pictures.

1. Health 5. Location

2. Age 6. Special needs

3. Gender 7. Peer influence

4. Career 8. Economics (money)


2. Describe personal and family clothing needs across the life span. Observe how fashion has changed since you were young. List the styles and give examples (pictures) of clothing you can remember wearing, and give examples of College, Career and Retirement stages.


1. Newborn 3. College years- young adult

2. Toddler 4. Career

3. School age: 5. Retirement





3. Part 1:Using different types of media show examples of current fashion styles and trends.

Part 2: Interview one of your parents on styles and trends that were popular when they were your age. Give examples including pictures.


4. How do you determine the quality of a garment? Including fiber content, care requirements, and proper fit.


Section II- Clothing Acquisition, Construction and Care


5. Describe the following sources for acquiring clothing to meet individual needs. What are the cost differences? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

1. Shopping/ Strip Mall

2. Specialty Shops

3. Outlets

4. Online/ Mail order

5. Custom Made

6. Television


6. Draw each of the care labels and define their meanings.


7. What is the appropriate method for each of the following?

1. Laundering

2. Stain Removal

3. Dry cleaning

4. Storing



Section 3- Careers


8. Research a career that is interesting to you, and related to the Fashion and Textiles Industry. Give a brief background of the career including: college requirements, training, salary, and job setting.