FACS Syllabus




FACS is a yearlong exploratory course designed for 9th and 10th grade students. Topics focus on teen roles and responsibilities in the home, school and the community.  

There is a $30.00 fee for this class.  The fee covers cooking supplies and common use sewing supplies.  Students will be responsible for purchasing their personal sewing supplies.

Fees can be paid online by visiting   https://sshs.ecboe.org/

The payment portal is under- quick links (right side of page)- pay fees online

Class fees are due the second week of the semester.

                 Supplies needed:

Classroom supplies

Plastic three prong folder

Paper and Pen/ Pencil

Sewing supplies Fabric for sewing project

Thread- all purpose or dual duty- color to match fabric Curriculum Overview 1. Describe how physical, social, emotional, and intellectual changes that occur during adolescence affect self esteem/ self concept. 2. Analyze interpersonal skills needed by teens for success. 3. Explain the impact of values, goals and decision making on teens. 4. Demonstrate socially acceptable behavior. 5. Identify various family structures and individual goals in the home. 6. Describe changes and challenges throughout the life cycle. 7. Evaluate the relationship among nutrition, exercise and Wellness. 8. Demonstrate the ability to select, store and prepare nutritious foods. 9. Explain the importance of money management. 10. Critique factors that influence individual and teen consumer decisions. 11. Describe the strategies for comparison shopping among teens. 12. Describe the influence of style, fads and fashion trends in clothing selection. 13. Demonstrate basic sewing skills 14. Explain ways to care for clothing. 15. Compare stages of child development. 16. Explain ways to handle emergencies, including first aid techniques for children. 17. Demonstrate methods to maintain a clean home. 18. Demonstrate strategies used for selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories. 19. Describe the impact of technology on individuals and families 20. Describe career skills needed for the workplace including time management and teamwork.

Parents:  I am excited to be teaching your child in my class this year.  If you have any questions, please email me at: katie_carter@ecboe.org.

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