Event Planning Syllabus

Southside High School

Event Planning Syllabus

Class Fee           $30.00



Course Description

Event planning is a one-credit course where students will learn to organize and plan all aspects of business and social events including the food, location, and décor associated with hiring an event planner.  FCCLA is an integral part of Event Planning.


Program/ Instructional Delivery Plan

A variety of instructional methods will be used including, but not limited to: lecture, research, project-based learning and lab experiences.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Plan an event

Develop entertainment themes select décor

Develop a timeline for an event

Plan a budget and understand the financial impact of an event on a community

Prepare on-site Management

Select vendors and staff

Essential Questions

What makes a good event planner?

What impact do themes & décor have on an event?

How can a timeline be applied to event planning?

How can budgeting improve planning an event?

 How does an event financially impact a community?

What makes a good and effective on-site Management team?

What is the process in select vendors and staff for an event?

Assessment & Grading

Students will be graded on attendance, participation, quizzes, projects, labs, and in class assignments. Final grades will be based on a 100% scale.

Test - 100 points

Quizzes - 25-75 points

Labs - 100 points

Projects – 100-300 points

Classroom assignments - 10-75 points

CTSO Integration

Any student who has been enrolled in a FCCLA course is eligible for membership regardless of race, color, national origin, or religion. Students who have completed one year as an active paid member are eligible to serve as an officer. Club dues are $15.00 per year and club t-shirts (optional) range from $15.00 - $20.00 depending on the shirt chosen by club members.

FCCLA will be incorporated into the event planning curriculum.  

Class members will plan FCCLA meeting and prepare snacks as allowed by the administration.

Credentialing Opportunities

The Family and Consumer Sciences Department offers Serv-Safe and AHLEI Guest Services credential opportunities.   Both Credential are industry recognized. Students interested in receiving a credential must complete the curriculum provided by the teachers and earn a qualifying score on the assessment administered by SHS.

Embedded Numeracy & Literacy Anchor Assignment

Embedded projects are designed to improve the mathematical and literacy skills in a project based learning environment through technical related activities that fully prepares students for successful transition into a high demand- high wage job in skilled labor in the 21st-century workforce.  Project based learning activities instill math skills needed and necessary to thrive in a 21st-century labor workforce.  Literary activities reinforce the necessary reading and writing skills that increase the opportunities for success in a high demand- high wage skilled labor workforce.

Holiday Event Project- Literacy & Numeracy

Event Planning Star Event Project- Literacy and Numeracy

Guest Services Gold- Literacy

CTE Dual Enrollment Opportunities

CTE Dual Enrollment Opportunities for FACS Classes-  * Indicates course related

ACE – Advanced College Enrollment

The Following ACCS Career & Technical Education courses are approved as credit-eligible.

Principles of Nutrition

Introduction to Clothing Construction

*Sanitation, Safety and Food Service

Introduction to Early Child Care and Education

Children’s Creativity Experiences

Children’s Literature and Language Development

Methods and Materials for Teaching Children

Children’s Health and Safety

Infant and Toddler Education Program

Social Studies for Children

*Orientation to Hospitality


*Basic Food Preparation

*Foundations of Baking

*Advanced Baking

*Beverage Management


Week 1                  Introduction and syllabus review                                                                  

Week 2                  Event Planning Terminology      Obj: 1

Week 3                  Types of Events and Venues      Obj: 2

Week 4                  Meeting with Clients      Obj: 3,4,5,8

                                Explain the rationale for meeting with a client

                              Define the reasons for the event

                              Planning an agenda for client meetings

                              Customer Service



Week 5                  Event Perspectives (Business perspective)     Obj: 6,8

                                Planners, hostesses, participants, vendors, hotels/facilities, locations and related events

                              Customer Service

Week 6                  Location, Location, Location (attendee perspective)     Obj: 6,9,10,11,12,13


                             Time of Event

                             Contingency Planning

                             Destination, transportation, Food Options, Accommodations for event participants, site                                     inspections

                             Customer Service

Week 7                  Event Budget      Obj: 19,24,26,27,29

                                Plan a budget to achieve financial goals

                              Develop a line item budget for the event

                              Explain how vendor, lodging contracts and attrition affect financial goals

Week 8                  Event Bidding     Obj: 7


                              Speakers/ Entertainment

                              Concessions/ Catering   Plan a taste testing session (Lab Safety)


                              Staffing & Customer Service                                                                                            

Week 9                  Event Themes and Décor     Obj: 14,15,16,17,18,19,

                                Determine Food and beverage options

                              Themes and Décor

                              Types of Entertainment

                              Room Set up

                              How does theme affect food, beverage and entertainment choices?

                              Working with a budget

Week 10                Holiday Event  Group 1

Students will “hire” the additional “groups” to work their event. Cooking and preparation will be completed on Monday & Tuesday, Events will take place on Wednesday and Thursday   (long day)

Week 11                Holiday Event Group 2      

Week 12                Holiday Event Group 3                      

Week 13                Holiday Event Group 4

Week 14                Holiday Event Group 5

Week 15                LEFTOVERS LAB

Week 16                SEMESTER REVIEW

Week 17                CLEAN LAB

Week 18                MIDTERM- CHANGE CLASSES

Week 19                Welcome Back from Winter Break- Review second semester

Week 20                On-Site Management     Obj: 30,31,32,33

                                Importance of having on-site management every day

                              Crowd control

                              Handling absentee staff

                              Last-minute changes

Week 21                Hiring Staff      Obj: 34,35,36

                                Screening potential employees

                              Screen Vendors

                              Contracts and clauses- attrition, cancellation, non-performance, emergencies, indemnification

Week 22                Post Planning

                                Post-event meetings and improvements

                              Identify who should be included in post planning

                              When should post planning occur

Week 23                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj: 1-43

Week 24                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj: 1-43

Week 25                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj: 1-43

Week 25                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj 1-43

Week 27                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj 1-43

Week 28                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj 1-43

Week 29                Event Planning Project- Star Event Packet     Obj 1-43

Week 30                Career Opportunities     Obj: 40,41,42,43

                                Skills and training needed


                             Certificates and credentials

Week 31                Guest Services Gold Lessons 1-4  Obj: 40,41,42,43 

Week 32                Guest Services Gold Lessons 5-8     Obj: 40,41,42,43

Week 33                Guest Services Gold Lessons 9-11   Obj: 40,41,42,43

Week 34                Guest services practice test and Credential Exam   Obj: 40,41,42,43

Week 35                Clean and Organize Lab

Week 36                Review for Final Exam/Final Exam

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