Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby

Parenting and Life Connections Project

250  points possible


Situation:  In today’s economy most families have to closely budget their finances.  In this project you will assume that you are a young family expecting a new baby.  You will be responsible for budgeting the costs for setting up the nursery ,and planning for  the monthly expenses for your newborn .


Brief: The project is to be completed as an independent project.  Only completed projects will be accepted


Directions:  Follow the  guidelines and instructions below.  The project is to be submitted with a front and back cover, stapled together at the top left corner.   It must be completed in the order that it is assigned.


Budgeting Section

 We will visit the library as a class.  You are responsible  for researching prices for each of the items listed.  You will also estimate  the cost for items that you will need more than once.   The totals for items will be used to calculate expenses for your new family.



Sleepers                                                 8-10

onesies                                                   8-10

socks                                                      8-10 pair

shoes (causal)                                       1

Shoes( dress)                                         1

coat/ hat                                                                1

going home outfit                                                1

first picture outfit                                 1

baby blankets                                      3

diaper bag                                             1

diaper wipes case                                 1

changing pad                                        1

buggy buddy                                        1


Bath Time

bath tub                                                 1

hooded towels                                      6

wash cloths                                           6

baby brush                                            1


Medical/ Hygiene

thermometer                                         1

nail clippers                                           1

Tylenol                                                  1

Motrin                                                    1


pacifier                                                  1

infant gum cleaner                              1

humidifier/ vaporizer                          1 or 2                                     



wipe warmer                                         1

diaper pail                                             1



swing                                                      1

bouncy chair                                        1



bed                                                         1

mattress                                                 1

mattress pads                                       3             

mobile                                                    1

sheets                                                     3

sheet protector                                     3

bumper pads                                        1

diaper stacker                                       1

chest of drawers                                   1

changing table                                      1

chair                                                       1

baby monitor                                       1



car seat                                                  1

stroller                                                    1

sun visor                                                1

baby carrier                                          1

portable crib                                         1



Bottles                                                   8

Nipples                                                   8

Rings                                                      8

bottle brush                                           1

dishwasher bottle rack                        1









Detergent                                               1

Stain remover                                       1

Baby shampoo                                    1

Baby soap                                            1

Lotion                                                    1

Vitamins                                                1

Doctors Appointment                         1

Diapers- cloth or disposable              300 per month

Diaper rash cream                               2

Wipes                                                     3

Diaper pail bags                                   1 box

Diaper bag disposables                       1

Formula                                                 2

                (32 ounce) powder, ready made, concentrate

Nursery water                                                                      

Storage/ freezer bags

nursing pads



Mathematic Skills

·         Find the  mean average for one time purchases.

·         Assume that your friends and family host a baby shower for you.  You receive $300.00 in baby supplies.  Deduct $300.00 from your  nursery budget.  (fixed items)

·         Predict how much would it cost you to  establish a nursery for YOUR new baby? This will depend on how many items you can  borrow from family members.

·         Find the average for the re-occurring items

·         Predict much would it cost to accommodate the monthly purchases for your new baby? 

·         Assume that your baby is HEALTHY.  You will have to take him/her to the doctor approximately 5 times during the first year.  Each visit will be $90.00.  Include this amount in the next estimate.

·         Multiply the cost per month by 12 to estimate yearly expenses for your new baby.  This does not include birthdays, or holidays.  

·         Predict how many hours would you have to work earning minimum wage to set up your nursery?

·         Call 3 local day care establishments.  Request  information about enrollment fees, tuition costs, and services provided estimates.  (i.e.… Lunch, snacks, etc..)  Design a bar graph comparing the three institutions to your estimated earnings.

·         Create a pie chart indicating your income, compared to your  monthly baby budget, and day care budget.  Categorize  how you would divide the remainder of your budget for housing,  transportation, food, and entertainment.   Include dollar amounts with your percentages.


Literacy Skills/ Habits of Success

·         Summarize  how your family’s personal choices, values, and wants affect your purchases?

·         Explain how you took responsibility for the financial decisions (budget) when planning your  nursery.  How could you have saved money on the  budget?

·         What did you learn from this project?

·         What did you like most about the project?

·         What did you like least about the project?

·         How many hours did you spend on the project?

·         Infer (conclude) what  additional information  you feel needs to be added to this project?


CTE Concept Competencies to be demonstrated:

Compare factors that impact consumer purchasing decisions throughout the life span.

·         Explain the importance of taking responsibility for personal financial decisions.

·         Critique the impact of advertising and sales propaganda on individual and family spending decisions.

·         Analyze shopping skills in relation to individual and family resource management across the life span.  Comparing products and services

·         Determine factors that affect the cost of goods and services, including sales tax, tips, coupons, discounts and unit pricing.




Mathematics and Concept Competencies to be demonstrated:

·         Use mathematical techniques to make financial and economic decisions including….. personal budgets… and advertising.

·         Approximate rates of change of nonlinear relationships from graphical and numerical data.

·         Add and subtract polynomials

·         Multiply polynomials


Literacy skills/ habits of success to be demonstrated:


·         Descriptive, expository and exemplification writing.

·         Inquiry learning

·         Synthesize information into bar graph format  

·         Analyze charts & tables for conclusions Demonstrate knowledge of material



       Students are to plan for the arrival of their new baby. They are to estimate establishing the nursery,  and re-occurring           

      monthly expenses. Students are to work individually. This is NOT a cooperative learning project.



Rubric (Grading)





neat & interesting





completed and turned in on time





Nursery items calculated





Fixed expenses





Flexible expenses





Annual expense





Hours worked prediction





Day Care Bar Graph and comparisons





Pie chart and comparisons





Personal choices, values and wants





Financial responsibility










What did you like, dislike





How many hours did you spend on the project





Additional Information