Procedures for ordering, books, magazines, and newspapers

Procedures for Ordering Books, Magazines, & Newspapers





Selecting library books should be a cooperative, continuing process in which administrators, teachers, library media specialists, students, and parents participate.

The actual selection and ordering process is the responsibility of the school LMS in consultation with the principal and in accordance with board policy. The LMS will identify, order, and organize materials, which will implement, enrich, and support the educational program of the school. Teachers, supervisors, and other school personnel will give suggestions, recommendations, and other assistance. In selecting materials the LMS, administrators, and faculty are guided by the principles incorporated in the SACS standards, Literacy Partners, School Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement, and standards adopted by the American Association of School Librarians.

The collection will be developed systematically, ensuring a well-balanced coverage of subjects, opinions, and formats. A wide range of materials on various levels of difficulty supporting the diverse interest, needs, and viewpoints of the school community is also considered.

 If the LMS is unable to purchase certain suggestions by the faculty, staff, and students, then those suggestions will be kept in what is a called a consideration file.  Items included in the consideration file include the following:  bibliographic information, price, quantity needed, who suggested the item, and review source and recommendation.


When considering renewals and/or additions or deletions to periodical titles, the LMS will be sure to check with teachers for their input.

Magazines are used primarily for research and sometimes for recreational and professional reading.

Orders will be placed through a magazine jobber.

EBSCO and Subscription Services of America are the most frequently used, but we also use Discount Magazine Subscriptions.



Print newspapers are usually ordered on an individual purchase order for each vendor.

The Gadsden Times provides 30 newspapers daily.  We purchase 1 subscription from the Birmingham News