Mission Statement and Philosophy

Southside High School Library Media Center

Mission Statement and Philosophy
The mission of the Southside High School Library Media Center is to create independent users of ideas and information by ensuring that all students and staff have the skills and opportunity to access, evaluate, and use information.  We believe that it is our responsibility to introduce new learning technologies, provide support of the curriculum, and teach information skills in a positive learning environment in which all students can become independent, lifelong learners. The mission shall be accomplished by providing the following:
  • intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats
  • instruction to foster competence in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas
  • recommendations and guidance to stimulate interest in library materials
  • collaboration with staff to design resource based learning investigations
  • partnerships with staff to integrate information literacy into existing curriculum
  • encouragement and support for the integration of technology into the curriculum


Media Center Philosophy

At Southside High School, we believe that reading should be made fun and enjoyable for the learning community.  It is important to create a sense of wonder about books as well.  In addition, providing a wide range of resources and materials on all appropriate levels will help stimulate and encourage a love for reading.  This system will also help to develop literary, cultural, and aesthetic appreciation for the arts and sciences.  We believe that enriching and supporting educational programs in the school will influence the students to work with confidence in the changing world of information science.  If we strive to stimulate intellectual curiosity, it will establish a life long habit of reading and learning.  We believe that the promotion of literature will instill a love for the library as a place where students will feel comfortable and excited about reading. This system will serve our students in their lives beyond Southside High School