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iTunes U — a powerful distribution system for everything from
lectures to language lessons, films to labs, audiobooks to tours —
is an innovative way to get educational content into the hands of

iTunes U includes content from
1. U.S. State Departments of Education
2. Hundreds of leading universities and colleges
3. Beyond Campus which contains high quality content from
providers such as PBS, NPR, and American Public Media, as well as
from cultural institutions, such as the Smithsonian, The New York
Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum, and many more.
4. All of this content is free.
Try This:
1. Open iTunes, then click iTunes Store (below Store in the sidebar).
2. Click iTunes U on the black stripe at the top of the iTunes window.
3. Click on Universities & Colleges in the upper right of the iTunes
4. Click on the University of South Florida.
5. Click on Lit2Go to find over 5,000 recordings of historically and
culturally significant literature in K-12 schools.
6. Click on iTunes U on the black stripe again.
7. Click on K-12 at the top right side.
8. Click on Alabama Learning Exchange and investigate some of the
many excellent podcasts in the subject and topic areas listed.
9. Click on iTunes U on the black stripe again.
10.Click on Beyond Campus.
11.Click on KQED in the list.
12.Click on QUEST: Science and Nature.
13.Pick out a couple of these excellent video podcasts to watch, and
also check out the Educator Guides that accompany them.
14.To search for iTunes U items on a certain topic, enter text in the
search field in the upper right of the iTunes window. The iTunes
Store divides the results into categories. Click iTunes U under
Filter By Media Type at the left of the window to see just the
iTunes U items from the search.