Biology Class Information

Biology Class

Mr. Russell

Materials Needed:

One 2 inch binder

Graph Paper

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

3 Dividers (optional)

Colored Pencils

Pens and/or Pencils


Paper Towels

Lab Donation:

A $30.00Please make checks payable to SOUTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL. Please help me to ensure that your students can experience science hands-on by turning this in as soon as possible.

lab donation would be greatly appreciated. The donation will be used to help cover the costs of purchasing lab materials for the experiments we will be doing this semester.




Mr. Russell’s Classroom Procedures




  • You are allowed only one tardy. Every tardy after that will result in detention. Three unexcused tardies will result in an absence. If you are not in your seat with your folder when the tardy bell rings you will be counted tardy. If you are absent for more than half the class you will be considered absent, so you will need to turn in an excuse in the office in order to make up your work.
  • 3 Parent/Guardian notes will be accepted per semester. 10 unexcused absences will result in FA. (Failure due to attendance)
  • You must have the proper excuse turned into the office before your make-up work will be counted. You only have 3 DAYS from the day you return to school to make-up your missed work. If you are absent you should check your folder for any handouts and assignments that were missed while you were absent.
  • It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to get their make-up work and to turn it in. I will not ask for it or remind you. If you miss a test, you must make arrangements within 3 days to make up the test.I like to make them up in the mornings before school. Labs cannot be made-up, so if you miss a lab you will have to write an assigned paper or a lab report depending on the missed lab.
  • Always put name, date, block (right hand corner), and title (center).
  • Points will be deducted for assignments that are turned in late. 1/3 of the possible points will be deducted each day that the assignment is late. For example:If the assignment was worth 100 points and you turned it in 1 day late you could only get 67 points, 2 days late you could only get 33 points, and 3 days late it would be worth 0 points.
  • All assignments should be turn-in at the appropriate place. Things will either be turned-in in your folder or in your class’ box.
  • You should always keep your work because if there is ever a discrepancy in grades, you must show me the graded paper in order for the grade to be changed.



  • Your grade will come from cumulative points divided by the points possible. Your points will come from the following:
    • Homework, Lab Work, Classwork, Projects, and Quizzes – points will vary.
    • Tests, Projects, Labs, Notebook Grades, etc. – 100 points
    • The Final Exam will count 10%of your final grade.