Parent and Life Connections Syllabus

Southside High School

Parenting and Life Connections Syllabus

Class Fee           $30.00

Course Description

Life Connections is a one-credit course that focuses on problems related to nurturing human development throughout the life span and life cycle. There are no prerequisites

 for this course. Course content provides opportunities for students to explore basic needs of individuals regarding human growth and development.  FCCLA is an integral part of Life Connections.

Program/ Instructional Delivery Plan

A variety of instructional methods will be used including, but not limited to: lecture, research, project based learning and lab experiences.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Identify the stages of the life span and life cycle.

Determine the skills needed to balance work and family.

Understand the impact of technology on families and Careers related to family studies

Essential Questions

How will identifying the stages of the life span and life cycle improve your understanding of family and child development?

How can skills learned affect the balance between work and family?

What impact does technology have on modern families?

Assessment & Grading

Students will be graded on attendance, participation, quizzes, projects, labs, and in class assignments. Final grades will be based on a 100% scale.

Test - 100 points

Quizzes - 25-75 points

Labs - 100 points

Projects – 100-300 points

Classroom assignments - 10-75 points

Credentialing Opportunities

ACE Advanced College Enrollment

The Family and Consumer Sciences Department offers Serv-Safe and AHLEI Guest Services credential opportunities.   Both Credential are industry recognized. Students interested in receiving a credential must complete the curriculum provided by the teachers and earn a qualifying score on the assessment administered by SHS.

Embedded Numeracy & Literacy Anchor Assignments

Embedded projects are designed to improve the mathematical and literacy skills in a project based learning environment through technical related activities that fully prepares students for successful transition into a high demand- high wage job in skilled labor in the 21st century workforce.  Project based learning activities instill math skills needed and necessary to thrive in a 21st century labor workforce.  Literary activities reinforce the necessary reading and writing skills that increase the opportunities for success in a high demand- high wage skilled labor workforce

Bringing Home Baby- Numeracy

My First Home- Numeracy

The Monster Exchange Project- Literacy

Lunch and Literature- Literacy

CTSO Integration

Any student who has been enrolled in a FCCLA course is eligible for membership regardless of race, color, national origin, or religion. Students who have completed one year as an active paid member are eligible to serve as an officer. Club dues are $15.00 per year and club t-shirts (optional) range from $15.00 - $20.00 depending on the shirt chosen by club members

Baby Bib Community Service Project- Numeracy

CTE Dual Enrollment Opportunities for FACS Classes-  * Indicates course related

ACE – Advanced College Enrollment

The Following ACCS Career & Technical Education courses are approved as credit-eligible.

Principles of Nutrition

Introduction to Clothing Construction

Sanitation, Safety and Food Service

*Introduction to Early Child Care and Education

*Children’s Creativity Experiences

*Children’s Literature and Language Development

*Methods and Materials for Teaching Children

*Children’s Health and Safety

*Infant and Toddler Education Program

*Social Studies for Children

Orientation to Hospitality


Basic Food Preparation

Foundations of Baking

Advanced Baking

Beverage Management

Course Sequencing


Week 1                 Introduction and syllabus review

Week 2                 Why Study Families?                                                                     Obj: 1,2,3,15,16,17,18,19


Week 3                 Types of families                                                                             Obj: 1,2

                                Nuclear, Extended, Step, Adoptive, Foster Families

                                Family life cycle

Week 4                 Roles and Relationships                                                               Obj: 2,7,9,10,11

                                Gender Equality

Lab Safety and Sanitation

Week 5                 Communication                                                                               Obj: 16

Mystery Lab- Effectiveness of Communication

Week 6                 Understanding Love                                                                       Obj: 5,6,7

Week 7                 Dating and Selecting a Partner                                                  Obj: 4,16

                                Date Lab

Week 8                 Choosing Marriage- Engagement                                          
Obj: 4,16

                                Marriage laws, customs and traditions

                                Engagement Party Lab

Week 9                 Managing Family Resources                                                       Obj: 6,16,17

                                Purchasing food

                                Providing housing, transportation and clothing

                                Cost of Living Project

Week 10              Planning a Wedding Project Introduction                            
Obj: 4

                                Reception Lab

Week 11              Mock Wedding                                                                                 Obj: 4

Week 12              Wedding Project Continued

Week 13              Managing Life as a Couple                                                           Obj: 6,16,17

 Balancing Work and Family       

                                Chores, Bills, Errands, Community Resources

Week 14              Couponing Lab                                                                                  Obj: 6

                                Planning meals using coupons and flyers

Week 15              Plan Ahead Lab                                                                                 Obj: 5

                                Cooking multiple meals at once. Saving time and resources

Week 16              Leftover lab                                                                                        Obj:6

                                Using items on and to plan family meals

Week 17              Clean and Organize Lab- review for Mid Term

Week 18              Change Classrooms- Mid Term Exam

Week 19             Having a Family                                                                               Obj: 7

                                  Determine factors influencing a couple’s decision to become parents

                                  Responsibilities, rewards and challenges                             

Week 20              Pregnancy and Birth                                                                       Obj: 7

                                Prenatal development

                                The birth process

                                Birthing options

Week 21              Developmental Theories                                                              Obj: 8

                                How children learn- infancy, toddler, preschooler, school age and adolescent

                                Developmental Theory research project

                                Learning through play

                                How does technology impact learning/ development?

Week 22              Health and Safety                                                                            Obj: 7,8                                               

                                Child proofing your home

                                Fire/ Tornado safety

                                Steps to develop a safety plan

                                Safety Plan for current home

Week 23              Special Needs Children                                                                 Obj: 8

                                Birth Defects Project

                                Understanding the types of birth defects and how they are prevented/ treated

Week 24              Choosing Child Care                                                                        Obj: 6,7,8

                                Selecting child care

                                Budgeting for Child care

                                Child Care expectations

                                Child Care/ Preschool Curriculum

Week 25              Family Challenges                                                                           Obj: 9,10,11,12,13,14,15

                                Relating to Older Adults- Intergenerational living, death

 Divorce- the effects on children

empty nest, paying for college, preparing children to leave home

Week 26              Careers in Child Care                                                                      Obj: 3,12,14,15,18,19

                                Determine Career options related to families and the life cycle

                                How does technology affect families throughout the life cycle?

Week 29              Machine Safety

Week 30              Threading machine, winding bobbin, practice seams

Week 31              BIB project- Donated to The Etowah Pregnancy Testing Center

Week 32              BIB project

Week 33              Bib Project

Week 34              Clean Lab and review for Final Exam

Week 36               Final Exam Week

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