Creative Writing

Creative Writing Course Syllabus 2020 (Subject to change)

Rachael Couch, Room 228 Phone: (256) 442-2172 

Plan Time: 6th Period 

Textbook: N/A 

Online Learning Platform: SchoolsPLP

Course Philosophy

The creative writing course of study emphasizes the development of skills in the making and study of prose, drama, and poetry in an intensive workshop atmosphere. The advanced segment of this course furthers this study and explores additional genres and styles. Students in both courses will be required to develop an ability to write in a variety of genres and to demonstrate a facility for giving and receiving constructive criticism. Students will also demonstrate a better understanding of, and facility with, the revision and rewriting process. Students will demonstrate a mastery of self and peer editing skills, and develop a beginning knowledge of publication.

Course Description

This course builds upon the knowledge and skills learned in Creative Writing and allows students to develop works according to their own interests and strengths. Students will cultivate their own personal writing style through intensive study of a genre of their choice. This course culminates in the submission of work(s) to various appropriate contests and publications.

(Description and Philosophy from Freehold High School School District, 2010)

Course Outline:

Units will be supplemented throughout the course, but a tentative listing is as follows:


-Informative Elements




-Poetic Elements

-Continued Writing

-Meaning and Context

-Selecting Words in Writing

-Assessing a Play

-Reflective Writing

-Word Choice

-Cinematic Writing

-Understanding Claims

-Supporting a Claim

-Connecting Persuasive Ideas

-Analyzing Evidence

-Elements of a Memoir

-Professional Writing

-Historical Elements

-Using Sources

-Technology and Media

-Conducting Research

COVID Procedures:

We will follow the ECBOE and SHS guidelines and procedures. It is important that you also do your part by wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, wash your hands, and if you are experiencing symptoms do not come to school.

Schools PLP:

SchoolsPLP is an online resource that we will use to complete and turn in assignments. It is an online learning platform similar to Google Classroom like we have used in the past. Each student can utilize this like an online textbook with assignments built in. It is designed to work on any device that connects to the internet. However, a tablet or laptop may make it more user friendly.  Each student will receive their login information from their homeroom teacher.  

Classroom Rules: (Some rules are temporarily altered because of COVID.)

1. Be on time for class and always have necessary materials. 

2. Respect others and their property. 

3. No food or drink is allowed. 

4. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat or speak during instruction. 

5. Be attentive at all times. Do not involve yourself in activities (sleeping, talking, passing 

notes/letter writing, etc.) that will hinder you from paying attention to the content taught. 

6. All rules and regulations in the Etowah County Code of Student Conduct and the SHS Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced. 

For a PDF of this syllabus, please click here: Creative Writing Course Syllabus 2020.pdf