Exploring Computer Science
Exploring Computer Science is a new course at Southside that will teach students the breadth of the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics.

Exploring Computer Science SYLLABUS

Zack Blume



Required Materials

Chromebook, pencils, binder, and notebook paper


Course Content and Tentative Pacing Guide


1st Nine Weeks

Human Computer Interaction (4 Weeks)
Problem Solving (4 Weeks)
Beginning Web Design (1 week)

2nd Nine Weeks

Web Design (4 Weeks)
Introduction to Programming (6 Weeks)

3rd Nine Weeks

Programming (2 Weeks)
Computing and Data Analysis (7 Weeks)

4th Nine Weeks

Robotics (9 Weeks)


Materials are required daily. Being unprepared will not be tolerated!
Be respectful of others!
Be responsible!
Abide by all Etowah County rules.

Grading Policy

Grades will be determined by total points earned divided by total possible points. This class will be mainly made up of projects but will feature daily work, homework, quizzes, and tests.

Make-up Policy

Schoolwork missed due to excused absences may be made up, and a grade shall be awarded.  Students shall have 3 days for each day of excused absence to complete and return make up work.  It is the responsibility of the student to request and return make-up work.  Work for unexcused absences can not be made up.

Teacher Contact Information

Zack Blume


Please contact me with any questions or concerns.