Supply List

Materials You Need

In order to do well in this class, and to accomplish the learning targets, you will need the following:

  • A positive attitude and conduct. If you don’t have these, you’ll need to at least do a good job of pretending you do. Your speech and conduct precede thought. You must speak positivity about your ability to succeed; you must always try your best, and you must not lose confidence when you fail. Every student in this course will fail at something, the important thing is dealing with failure in a way that makes you more successful down the road.
  • ****A 3-ring binder. Preferably 3 inches thick (d-ring durable view), with dividers so you can keep your notes, handouts, quizzes, etc. organized by unit. I give out a lot of handouts, unit schedules, and worksheets.A scientific calculator. If you already have a graphing calculator (such as a TI-83) for your math class you can use it. If you don’t already have a calculator, buy one that can handle scientific notation, logarithms, and trig functions (sine, cosine and tangent). I personally use the TI-30XIIS, which costs around $10-15 and performs everything necessary for this course. I have a limited number of calculators in my room, so if you are depending on using one of mine, it may or may not be available.
  • A willingness to come in and ask for extra help as soon as you are confused, or think that you are falling behind. In most high school science classes, each topic builds on previous topics. It’s essential that you straighten out any confusion or misunderstandings quickly, before you get behind other students. I am willing to meet before or after school, as long as you check with me beforehand to make an appointment. 
  • Hard work in and out of class. Students who do well in college Chemistry I and II in college spend between 5 and 7 hours of time outside of class reading and practicing problems. This class is no exception. This is a college chemistry course! Your score on the AP exam will be a direct reflection of the amount of work YOU put into your studies.