English 101/102
What is it?

 Enrollment is an advanced program offered by Southside High School in conjunction with Gadsden State Community College.  Students who participate in the dual enrollment program for 12 English will receive credit for the high school 12 English course as well as the college courses English 101 and English 102 -- that's one high school credit and two college required courses (worth 6 credit hours) in one combined package!  Students in this program must follow the Dual Enrollment procedures established by Gadsden State Community College; likewise, students in this program are both students of Southside High School and Gadsden State Community College, and must follow the academic requirements established by both institutions.
Students enrolled in the dual enrollment program are required to pay tuition and fees for all courses taken at Gadsden State Community College; likewise, because Dual Enrollment English 101 and 102 are college courses, they require college level texts.  Each student enrolled is responsible for acquiring his or her own copy of the texts for each of these courses.

Why can't I see my grades in INow?

Because this course is through Gadsden State Community College, you will not be able to see your progress on assignments and track your cumulative grade through a gradebook.  This is a college course; YOU are responsible for EVERY assignment and essay you complete.  You will know what your grade is for the course only when the course has concluded and grades are posted through Gadsden State Community College, just like any other college course.

What textbooks do I need?

Any textbooks you need will be listed on the course syllabus.

Is there a course outline?

A tentative course outline is listed on the syllabus.  These dates should remain unchanged; however, school closures due to severe weather might force date changes.

(Any other questions and/or concerns may be directed to the instructor either in person or via email.  If you need to set up an appointment to meet with the instructor during meeting hours, please do do in a written email request. Please refer to the syllabus for office hour days and times.)