Sequential Order

Spanish I          Mrs. Hughes


Week 1:   intro, day one notes, 1.1 story

Week 2:  me gusta, day 2 and 3 notes, test

Week 3:  1.2 story, textbook, map info, history

Week 4:  day 4 notes, history, verbs, ch. 1 ?’s, day 5 notes, 1.3 and 1.4 stories, test

Week 5:  oral test, mochila song with activities, colors, and numbers

Week 6:  orange book ch. 1, 5 minute writing, textbook, test, day notes

Week 7:  days, time and dates notes, plurals with stories

Week 8:  plurals notes and practice, 2.1 story, body and weather notes, test

Week 9:  textbook, plurals and verbs, start novel, me essay, adjectives, verb practice, 2.2 story

Week 10:  novel, 2.3 story, ser and estar verbs, test

Week 11:  2.4 story, verbs, ch. 2 ?’s , half of novel test

Week 12:  day of dead or cinco de mayo, teach yo with verbs, ch.2 OB

Week 13:  me essay, test, 5 minute writing, textbook, fam notes, novel, and verb review

Week 14:  verb test, 3.1 story, ser verb, nosotros with verbs, ojo de dio, 3.2 story

Week 15:  3.3 story, verb chart, we with paragraph, ir, tener, and hacer verbs, prepositions, bargaining

Week 16:  bullfighting, ch. 3 OB, fam and verb test, animals, novel test, Cinderella, 4.1 story

Week 17:  novel, verbs, 4.2 and 4.3 stories, OB ch.4, food, and Ch. 6 OB

Week 18:  study guide, finals