Español        Senora Hughes


Materials needed: Students will need a pen everyday!!!!!  They will also need a 1 inch binder with 5 dividers in order to keep up with their notes, vocabulary, and stories.    NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS!!!!!


Class fee:  $5.00 to cover extra books, craft supplies, and food items

$15.00 if you would like to be in the Spanish Club (this includes a t-shirt)


Course content:

          Class participation is essential in passing this class.  To encourage participation and good attitudes, the teacher will give a participation grade based on your efforts in class.  There will be vocabulary pop quizzes, so the student needs to study new vocabulary on a regular basis.  Tests will be given weekly.  The class will do cultural projects, crafts, and research papers.  If you pay attention and NEVER GIVE UP, you will do well in this class.

          The students will be taught using a variety of methods.  They will take notes on vocabulary, practice them orally, and write stories using the words learned.  The teacher will also use the Total Physical Response method (TPR).  Students will be connecting their comprehension of words to a physical response.  This is the reason for gesturing, acting out commands, and acting out stories.  Your active participation is very important.  This will help to put your Spanish together.  There will be A LOT of repetition, so you need to be a good listener.


Make-up work:  You are expected to make up work within 5 days of your absence.  This is your responsibility!!!  You are to pick up your student folder and take out the work that you missed.  I will return your folder and set up a time for you to come in.  If you do not turn in a sheet of paper to me, I will give you a zero after 5 days.  I will never remind you to do your make-up work.  The Excuse/non-excuse policy is set by the school, so read the handbook.



70% unannounced 100 point tests

30% class work, and 5 minute writings





Class Rules:

Rules of the Student Handbook and School Rules apply in my classroom.

1.  Respect others and their property.

2.  Come to class prepared.

3.  Do not disrupt class.

4.  Do not talk while the teacher or others are talking.

5.  Do activities assigned – no other class work is to be worked on during my class.

6.  Follow all safety rules- No throwing of ANY OBJECT.



Students will be given warnings, discipline paragraphs; clean my room, stay in at break, or go to the assigned Assistant Principal.


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