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AP Biology
No Summer Reading Required


Parents and Students: This is a challenging class that requires each student to come to class every day prepared to engage in the learning process. Each student is expected to read the corresponding online notes for Homework every night before coming to class the next day. Students needing additional help are encouraged to go to YouTube, type in Bozeman biology and the concepts from our notes. Remember, Google is your friend. If there is a concept in the notes that you do not understand, circle it, Google it, watch Bozeman Biology, and bring it up in class as we cover the materials. I am looking forward to a great year. Please contact me with any questions by email Jason_russell@ecboe.org

Lab Donation $50
Make Checks Payable to Southside High School 

The AP Exam will be on May 14, 2021     
The exam will consist of two parts; Part 1 (90 minutes) 60 multiple choice questions, Part 2 (10 minute reading period, 80 minute writing)  4 short response and 2 long free response questions.