Circulation Policies and Procedures

Circulation Policies and Procedures

A.  Circulation Policies of Print Materials

Students may check out two books from the library for a period of two weeks.  Students will check out materials using their assigned library number.  A book may be renewed indefinitely as long as there is not a reserve on it.  If there is a reserve on a book, the maximum number of check outs is two times (four weeks).  Materials must be checked out at the circulation desk before being taken from the library.  The student must bring the book to the library to renew it.  Students are responsible for all materials checked out in his or her name.  Magazines do not circulate.  Books are to be returned to the library book drop in the circulation desk.  Students with overdue materials may not check out anymore materials until they have returned the overdue ones.  Students with overdue books may put one book on hold for one day.

Each 1st block teacher will be sent a list of his or her students that have overdue books monthly

Students may not check out reference books and teacher-reserve materials.

If a student wants a book that is currently checked out, he or she may put a reserve on it. This means he or she logs onto the catalog and puts a hold on the item they wish to reserve.  When the book is returned, a notice will be sent to the student to let him or her know the book is ready for pick-up. The book will be kept behind the desk for 2 school days. If it is not picked up at the end of that time, it will go to the next person on the reserve list or if there is no other reserve, it will be put back on the shelf.

Teachers may check out as many books as needed.  Teachers may keep these books for up to three weeks.  Teachers may check out reference materials for up to one week.  Students who are sent to check out books in a teacher's name must have a signed request from that teacher before the books may be checked out in the teacher's name.  Professional materials are available for teacher use.

B.  Circulation Procedures of Non-print Materials

Only staff members will be allowed to checkout non-print materials such as videos, CDs, DVDs, etc.  Please return these to the library as soon as you have finished with the materials in your classroom

C. Circulation Procedures of Equipment 

The Library Media Center has a number of items available for checkout to teachers and staff. Please remember to be courteous of others, and do not keep any equipment in your room, if it is not in use.  Please do not send a student to check out any equipment.  This must be done by the teacher or support staff.  Equipment is checked out through the library automation system.  You may schedule equipment checkout ahead of time.