Library Staff and Operations

Library Staff and Operations


The Library Media Center (LMC) is the head of the instructional program providing an overview of services to the school and community.  It provides a full range of print and non- print materials, necessary equipment, and related services to students, teachers, parents and other community members.  It is a service center, a learning center, a resource center and a reading center.  Its most basic concept is service to the individual.  The LMC supplements and implements classroom activity and is an integral part of the school curriculum.


Materials and services offered should inspire students to develop a balanced cultural life and learn to be free, reasoning individuals.  Materials selected are from all forms of media according to interests, vocabulary, maturity and ability levels of all students served.  The LMC attempts to actively involve each student in the program, which reflects current trends in education and communication as well as interaction with staff and community.


A. Hours of Operation

The LMC is opened from 7:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m. All teachers sign up for their desired time in the library.  The following activities are made available: computer researching, library skills, or read and check out books.    


B. Media Center Staff

The LMC is staffed by one full-time media specialist.  The LMS stands ready to assist students, parents, faculty and staff in locating appropriate materials and assisting them with efficient operation of any needed equipment or electronic resources.


C. Orientations

The LMS provides orientation for students, faculty, staff, and student library aides.  This program introduction allows the LMS the opportunity to promote the many services and activities as well as promote collaboration and to increase program effectiveness. 

Student Orientation

The LMS provides age appropriate orientations.  Student information may include information on the following topics:

  • Circulation procedures
  • Appropriate conduct in the LMC
  • An overview of the use and care of books, and other print material, audiovisual and computer software, computers and peripherals
  • Lost and damaged book fees
  • Adherence to copyright law
  • Internet access and Etowah County Schools’ Acceptable Use Policy
  • Fire and tornado drill procedures


Faculty Orientation

The LMS will arrange an early opportunity each school year to provide orientation for the faculty and staff.  The LMS may wish to offer a more intensive session for new faculty and staff members.  Faculty and staff orientation may include:


  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Circulation procedures
  • Student behavioral expectations in the LMC
  • An overview of the use and care of books, and other print materials, audiovisual and computer software, computers and peripherals
  • Troubleshooting technical problems with software, audiovisual equipment, computers and peripherals,
  • Printing and copying policies
  • Adherence to copyright law (video, software and print)


Library Aide Orientation

Training library aides to assist the staff and students improves the effectiveness of the LMC student aide program.  Library Aide orientation should include the activities and services offered by the LMC, including excerpts of the other orientations. Surveys or individual conversations may elicit interest areas and the expertise of each student aide.  The LMS plans for meaningful activities for each student aide and will provide the necessary support to make them an integral part of the program.