English 11 (1)

On this page, you will find the supply list, course syllabus link, a course outline, and daily plans.  Click the link below for the syllabus.  Scroll to the bottom to get lesson plans for the current unit.  

English 11 syllabus.docx

English 11 Supply List

  • 3-ring binder (2") and paper

  • Jump drive

  • Black ink pen

  • Pencil

  • Sticky notes

  • Assigned novels  (​The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men) 


  • English 11 Course Outline and Lesson Plans

    Outline is tentative and subject to change.

    Course Introduction


    Composition Lesson – Observation Game/Action Verbs

    Literary Terms – Elements of Plot

    Novel Intro

    COS Objectives 20-23, 31-32, 34

    Theme Focus: Society and Self: Justice, Morality, Equality

    Grammar – subject/verb agreement, pronoun usage, verb usage, logical progression and

    completeness of paragraphs

    Elements of Plot – The Fugitive

    Reading Skills – analyze figurative language, author's purpose, cause and effect, sequence of


    Poetry “Mother to Son,” “Dreams,” “Dream Deferred,” “Incident,” “Tableau,” “Harlem,”

    “Weary Blues,” “I Hear America Singing,” “I, Too,” “Theme for English B”

    Non-fiction – from “Dust Tracks on a Road,” JFK’s Inaugural Address, excerpt from “Letter from

    Birmingham City Jail,” “Let Steroids in the Hall of Fame,” “Rose's Thorns”

    Fiction - “A Rose for Emily”

    Visual Analysis – New York Times sports page

    Argument Introduction

    Composition – Evaluation essay, Theme for Ms. F, News reporting, Argument essay

    Projects/Activities – Blues/Jazz song, Sense of Audience, Captured Talk, Debate

    Novel – The Great Gatsby

    COS Objectives: 1-16; 18, 21-24, 26, 35-39

            Theme Focus: Dream vs. Reality

  • Grammar –capitalization, punctuation, commonly confused words, parallelism

    Composition – Comparing and Contrasting, Persuasion/Argument

    Fiction - “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” Grapes of Wrath excerpt

    Non-fiction - “Just Two Points Make One Dream Come True”

    Poetry - “Richard Corey,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” “Don’t Laugh at Me,” “The Whipping,”

    “A Pirate Looks at Forty,” “Ex-Basketball Player,” “Dust Bowl Blues”

    “The Tide Rises and the Tide Falls”

    Visual Analysis – “Migrant Mother”

    Reading Skills – Fallacies of logic, strength of argument, propaganda, fact from opinion, drawing
                          conclusions, research

    Activity - Fairy Tales – Fractured Fairy Tales

    Project – Beauty Pageant

    Novel – Of Mice and Men

    COS Objectives: 1-16; 18-20, 22-23, 25-27, 35-39


    Theme Focus: Prosperity & Protest - Patriotism and Sacrifice

    Grammar – phrases, appositives, word choice
    Research - Pop up Videos

  • Non-fiction – McCarthy's letters to Truman, “Only Daughter,” “What's in a Name?”

    from The Crisis #1, “Declaration of Independence”, “The Star Spangled Banner”

    Voices from the Civil War, yellow journalism, declaration for speeches, war propaganda,

    excerpt from Night, Hiroshima, transcripts from Nuremburg trials, “Backing the Attack”

    (1005), “One Day, Now Broken In Two”

    Fiction – “A Worn Path,” “Game”

    Composition Focus – brushstrokes, captions, war speeches

    Visual Argument – “The Battle of the Easy Chair,” Good Night and Good Luck

    Group Activity - groups will be assigned an excerpt to read and creatively present to the class.

    Poetry – “The Unknown Citizen,” “Death of a Ball Turret Gunner,” “Monsoon Season,”

    Dove and Hawk songs

    Reading Skills – Satire, sequence of events, idioms, characterization, irony, tragic hero

    Activity – Victims of McCarthyism, War timeline, hero analysis

    Project – Character debate, The Crucible abridged, Socratic Seminar, What's in a Name?

    Novel/Play – The Crucible COS Objectives: 1-19, 39

    Theme Focus– Connections to the Past

    Grammar – varying sentence patterns, modifiers

    Composition – research paper, skit writing

    Research Project – Decade

    Shadow of Hate

    [,COS Objectives: 19-30,33-34, 40

    Current Lesson Plans (Tentative)
  • 1/22 Warm-Up – Daydreaming…

    Discuss the meaning of “henpecked husband.”
    Review - Cause and Effect
    Set Purpose for Reading – Find the cause of each daydream – jot down (daydream is the effect)
    Read “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”


    1/23 Discuss the concept of a “stock character” and have students brainstorm a list of popular movies or sitcoms in which similar husbands and wives can be found. 
    Notes on characterization. 

    Introduce film version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 
    Assign comparing and contrasting cards

    1/24-1/25 Journal – predict what will happen in the film
    Review the organization strategy of comparing and contrast.
    Continue the film version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and comparing and contrasting cards.
    Students will watch the film and note differences and similarities between story and movie. Cards must be completed while viewing film.
    Cards due

    1/26 OPTIC - movie poster analysis 
    Comparing/Contrasting essay assignment (include one brushstroke and two vocabulary words)
    Writing Assessment – Write a comparing and contrasting paragraph for Walter Mitty – film vs. story.
    Students must choose a comparing and contrasting method and follow that pattern with the essay.

    Method 1                                                                    Method 2

    1st paragraph – introduction                            1st paragraph introduction
    2nd paragraph – all about one                          2nd paragraph – elements of both-similarities
    3rd paragraph – all about the other                  3rd paragraph – elements of both – differences
    4th paragraph – conclusion                              4th paragraph – conclusion
    Due tomorrow

    1/29 Journal – My Walter Mitty moment…
    Introduce modern version of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    Venn Diagram Assignment – View Ben Stiller version of film and complete Venn Diagram while viewing (35 minutes)

    1/30 Journal – Predict Negative 25 - Draw conclusions from photos
     Continue film and Venn Diagram

    1/31-2/01 Warm-up -  Argument - Life motto; HPLACES evidence
    Complete Film (25 minutes)
    Argument Essay – Take a position on the following statement and write essay:
    The film versions of Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” ____ adhere to Thurber’s original message.

  • or  Write argument essay on Life motto  

    3 sources/evidence required for each; MLA citation 

    2/02 - DOL
    Brushstroke Lesson #3
    Complete argument essay - add three brushstrokes


    2/05 Journal – What's In a Name?
    Class reading “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros and “What’s In a Name?” by Henry Gates, Jr.
    - Discuss cultural connections to names and terms. Brainstorm a list of terms/names that apply to them
    - Homework – name meaning/background due tomorrow

  • 2/06  Journal – How is the media involved in politics? What should the role of the media be in politics? Why ?
    Introduce Good Night and Good Luck
    Non-fiction reading – Read McCarthy's letter to Truman (1950)
    Paired research work
    Working in pairs students will be given the name of a victim of McCarthyism and they will research the following information: Student A – year charged, crime, evidence against the accused; Student B – why singled out and outcome of case.
    Pairs will present the case to the class.

  • Wed. 2/07-2/08– Journal – My name…
    What’s In a Name project? – Students will create a photo collage of their name. 
    *The name projects will be posted around the classroom. Throughout the reading of The Crucible, individual students will have opportunities to share what is in their name. They will compare this to character names. At the end of reading the play, groups will create a “What’s in a Name?” project for an assigned character. Students will reflect on their own project and write an informative reflection on what’s in a name using the Gates article, Cisneros article, and The Crucible.
    *Must have sticky notes for Monday.

    Fri. 2/09 – Journal – Peer pressure...
    Introduction to The Crucible and show pictures of Miller
    Teach paradox. Read the exposition (1126-11-29)
    Students will explain the paradox that Miller refers to in the final section of the exposition.
    Exposition analysis – begin plot diagram

    Using details from the exposition, describe the Massachusetts colony (can write or draw)

    *Beginning 2/12 classes will begin The Crucible. My schedule for teaching this play is tentative. My plan is to keep classes on the same reading schedule by Acts; therefore, if a class finishes an Act prior to the other classes, I will engage that class in enrichment activities based upon the play. Students will engage in close reading note taking each day. These notes will serve as the basis for class discussions on reading events.

    With each day’s reading, I incorporate literary and critical thinking activities that are specific to the students. Throughout the play, I will connect events to current events, McCarthyism, and the American immigration issues. Honors students will also focus on rhetorical strategies and analysis. Below is a tentative schedule for completing the play. Prior to each week, I will develop specific activities based upon student/class needs and schedule.

    Mon. 2/12 – Warm-up – Quote by McCarthy
    Begin reading Act I – whole class reading 
    Review elements of drama specifically stage directions and how to read a play. 
    Begin reading Act 1 dialogue (to Proctor narration – page 468)
    Add to plot diagram

    Tuesday 2/13– Warm-up – Display various symbols (green light, stop sign, heart) and have students make a connection between the items.
    Review literary symbol 
    Review scene where Hale enters loaded with books. Class discussion on symbolism of the books.
    Continue Reading Act I
    Character map assignment

    Wed. 2/14 Analyze idioms – guess meaning 
    Thur. 2/15 Teach idioms – direct teaching
    Review previous day’s readings
    Focus on Parris’s idiom “I am undone.” Discuss meaning 
    Continue reading Act I
    Select idiom from basket. Assignment – research meaning, usage, draw literally – due 2/20.

    Fri. 2/16
    Warm-up – Conflicts – Write each conflict from Act I and the category.
    Partner Turn and Talk – Conflicts presented in Act I 
    ACT I reading quiz, notes check
    Activity - Identify the argument for ACT I
    Group discussion – pair students with similar arguments
    Partner work -Act I argument – find three pieces of textual support to support your argument.

    Tues.. 2/20 Journal – “The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”  D.D. Eisenhower – Respond to this quote
    Begin Act II – 
    With partners – add to character maps

    Wed. 2/21 – Warm-up Review Elizabeth’s comments lines 542-546 and identify the symbol and
    Thurs. 2/22      meaning. 
    Continue reading Act II
    Idiom Game
    4 teams – teams will show idiom – first team to guess gets 5 points. 
    Teams will select one idiom to apply to Act I in The Crucible.

    Fri. 2/23 - Vocabulary – Commonly confused words 
    Write a summary paragraph about Act II using the nine vocabulary words. 
    Act II quiz, notes check

    Mon. 2/26 Warm-up - Begin reading Act III
    Complete ½ character map for Acts I and II – due tomorrow 

    Tues. 2/27 Literary term – foil
    Give definition and have students identify which character Giles serves as a foil for. 
    Continue reading Act III
    Begin plot diagram for ACT III
    Discuss sticky note thoughts/questions

    Wed. 2/28 Literary Term – irony – Explain how a given statement is ironic.
    Thur. 3/01 Discuss the irony present in Act III
    Complete reading Act III 
    Identify the argument for ACT III
    Complete plot diagram for ACT III and add to character maps for Act III

    Fri. 3/02 Look at pictures from the 1996 film version of The Crucible. If you were casting the film today, who would you put in the following roles: Proctor, Elizabeth, Abigail, Parris, Hale, Danforth, Mary Warren, Giles
    Act III quiz, notes check 
    Begin reading Act IV
    Apply a new idiom to ACT III

    Mon. 3/05 Warm-up – predict what will become of John, Abigail, Rev. Parris, Elizabeth 
    Begin reading Act IV
    Add to plot diagram and character map

    Tues. 3/06 - Journal 
    Continue reading Act IV
    Add to plot diagram and plot diagram

    Wed. 3/07 Journal – tragedy
    Thur. 3/08 Direct teaching – Tragic Hero/Tragic Flaw – assign purpose for reading connected to
    tragedy and hero status of John Proctor
    Complete Act IV 
    Journal – Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked and never well-mended.
    Novel Discussion – Does John Proctor have his “goodness”? Why or why not?
    Novel T-shirts, tombstones, What’s in a Name?
    Complete plot diagram and character maps

    Tues. 10/02 Journal – Crucible definition – Why is this a good title for the play?
    Test on The Crucible
    Present T shirts and turn in novel work

    Fri. 3/09 Journal – What’s in a Name?
    Watch trailer for Molly's Game 
    Revisit the pre-novel what’s in a name project?
    Connect to the novel.
    Complete character map and plot diagram due
    Novel project work – Tombstone (2), T-shirt, What's in a Name? (2) The Crucible abridged – Groups will meet to divide tasks.

    Mon. 3/12 - DOL
    Review comparing and contrasting. 
    Begin film version of The Crucible. Complete Venn Diagram while viewing. (40 minutes)

    Tues. 3/13 – Journal – Which character from The Crucible can you most relate to and why?
    Continue watching The Crucible and completing Venn Diagram (40 minutes)

    Wed. 3/14 - Journal – In the film, which character is portrayed most like the play? Which is  Thurs. 3/15     portrayed least like the play? Explain your answer. What has surprised you most about the film version? (10 minutes)
    Continue watching The Crucible and completing Venn Diagram (44 minutes)
    Complete Venn Diagram with an evaluation sentence. (15 minutes)
    Group novel work

    Fri. 3/16 Group novel work - – Tombstone, T-shirt, What's in a Name? The Crucible abridged
    Complete individual novel work
    Begin group work – The Crucible abridged

    Mon. 3/19 Journal – The most important aspect of The Crucible is...
    Group work - finalize script

    Tues. 3/20 DOL
    Practice skit

    Wed. 3/21 Group presentations
    Thurs. 3/22 Socratic Seminar instructions

    Fri. 3/23 Socratic Seminar – Justice and Equality
    Pre-Seminar question
    Post-seminar evaluation

    4/03-4/20 – War Literature

    4/23-4/27 “A Worn Path”

    4/30 – 5/18 – Decade Projects



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