Name:Tammy Williams
Subject: Mathematics
Grade: 11 - 12
My name is Tammy Williams. I am currently teaching AP Calculus, Precalculus, and Pre-AP Precalculus.  I have a B.S. degree in Biology Education from Jacksonville State University with an major endorsement in Mathematics, a Master's degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Alabama, and an M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alabama. I taught school for seven years (in Hanau, Germany and Calhoun County) before returning to school to earn an engineering degree in 1992. I worked as an engineer in Maryland, Germany (for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), and Anniston, Alabama (at the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility). In 2002, I returned to teaching and taught for three years at Emma Sansom High School, then came here to teach at Southside.

I have taught almost every high school math course plus several science courses (Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and Health)! Math is my favorite!

My husband is Bruce Williams. He was an Army officer for 21 years (the reason we've moved around so much) and now works at Anniston Army Depot. I have two children. My daugher, Anna, graduated from Southside in 2011; my son, Alex, graduated from Southside in May 2014.